What a great B4H team we had in the Sydney City to Surf on Sunday 1 August 2009. A fantastic effort on the day from Stu, Ulrika, James, Geoff, Reid and Moke. Some cracking times and lots of personal bests. Nice going guys.

The City2Surf Athletes

The City2Surf Athletes

So Reid, how was the race?
It was heaps of fun, I’m addicted. After having plenty of time to get over our pre-race jitters Geoff and I ran out hard. It just happened that we started the same time as the first place getter was crossing the finish line in 41min. Wow! That’s an average speed of 21km/h. 60,000 had already crossed the start line before Geoff and I began our race. Lots were walking, making it an epic 14km long obstacle course. We ducked and weaved, mainly running on the curb area where there were less people. Unfortunately, this meant we had to jump gutters, dodge poles and duck for trees.

At the top of heartbreak hill I started racing some guy in a Sydney Water shirt. We exchanged the “lead” all the way into the last 500m. That’s when I was amazed to find I still had some energy left in the tank and did what felt like a sprint finish. It must have been Moke’s expert pre-race training advice. In the end I couldn’t see whether Sydney Water or I crossed the line first. Looking at the video of the finish though it looked more like an amble than a sprint. But it felt like a mighty battle against a mighty opponent. Anyway, we smashed our personal bests and our race targets, we ran happy and had a big meal at the end to top off a great day. All the donations were a massive inspiration, particularly those from my young niece and nephews who parted with their hard earned pocket money!

Did we reach our fundraising target?
Yes! The $1000 fundraising target was well and truly exceeded early on with a heap of very generous donations coming in from our friends and family. Thank you so much to everyone who donated. You’ve been very generous and given B4H – Sydney some significant momentum.

Altogether, we raised $2,165.

With this amount raised we’re 1/6 of the way toward funding the shipping of our first container of bikes to Namibia, which is huge for our first fundraising event!